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Booiful flowers for Mommy

on May 8, 2012

Yesterday, the Pooh was out at the playground with her Daddy. She spied dandelions all over the field. She bent over and started to pick them. Normally, when I am with her, she picks them for Zee, the cat.

Yesterday, since I was not there, she picked them for me and Zee, saying that she was picking “booiful flowers.” She was very proud of herself, and focused on picking the prettiest ones. She even planned her presentation of the flowers. She told Michael that she would hide the flowers behind her back, and then say, “Surprise!” when she presented them to me.

I heard them come in the door and call out for me. When I came down the stairs, there was the Pooh, looking up at me with a little smile. Then she said, “Supwise!” and gave me her scraggly bouquet of dandelion puffballs with two bent yellow dandelion blossoms mixed in. I was completely charmed.

I found a tiny handblown glass and placed them in water on my sill, and took a picture for posterity.

Only a two year old would see the beauty in these common  flowers that some would call weeds.  It was truly the most beautiful bouquet I have ever received.   

My goodness, I love this little girl.


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