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My sister is leaving

on May 23, 2012

Every mother wishes for someone to be around who is essentially her mothering twin. For me, that person is my sister.

It’s surprising, really. We have very different personalities, and argued and fought growing up. I was the serious older sister, and she was the family comedian and rebellious baby sister. Growing up, she told me that she would come and rescue my children from all of the serious, boring learning toys and scoop them up to go have fun. And that is what she has done.

Over the years, we have had our tiffs. Some of them have been terrible. But strangely enough, when the Pooh was born, my sister walked back into my life as if she had never left, picked up her niece, and never let her go.

Interestingly enough, my sister parents the Pooh nearly identically to my own style. It surprises the heck out of me, but it also pleases me immensely. It also gives me tremendous peace of mind to know that I can go out and know that the Pooh is with someone who is about as close to being me as you can get.

So imagine my sadness when my sister told me that she is moving across the country to live with her new boyfriend. I am going to miss her terribly, and so is the Pooh. She is cleaning out her apartment in readiness to move, and she brought over toys and books that she had kept at her house to entertain the Pooh. She even gifted the Pooh her Cabbage Patch doll, and one of our Barbies from childhood. I didn’t even know she still had these things, and my throat caught when I saw them. I am tearing up right now, because until I saw her give those things to the Pooh, I was in denial about saying goodbye.

My sister is not going to Mozambique, and these days we have Skype. But the truth is, my sister is leaving, and we won’t see her pop up in the window or open the mail slot to say a funny hello anymore. I won’t see the Pooh’s chubby little body explode with joy when she sees her Aunt Kickee at the door again. And the Pooh will grow up without her Auntie around. It’s ok. I know it is. My sister has to get on with her life, and I hope this brings her the happiness she deserves. But I am going to miss her, and so is the Pooh.

Bon voyage, Aunt Kickee.

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