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Running away from home

on February 20, 2013
Happily off to an adventure...alone!

Happily off to an adventure…alone!

Yesterday, I ran away from home.

It was great.

I was only gone for a few hours, and I knew I was coming back. Still, the time away was delicious.

After becoming a mother, I’ve found that if I go too long without time alone, I get a little loopy. I love the Pooh and we get tons of time together, but for as much as I love her, I have to take time for myself. I’ve found that I am a better mother if I do this.

I love my time alone . I married at 38, so I did not realize how important it was until I didn’t have it anymore. And when a baby comes along? Fuggedaboutit. Your free time evaporates – zip!

Whether I call it time alone or a date with myself, I’ve found that it is essential to my happiness and well-being. I still struggle, though. I don’t do it often enough, and when I do carve out the time for it, I usually have to battle feelings of guilt until I am actually driving away.

Dates with myself are as simple as going off and having a cup of coffee with a good book, or lunch alone.

If I were to be honest with you, it often involves shopping. Sometimes window, sometimes real.

I rarely shop with the Pooh, since I am worried that she will touch and break something, or get bored, or run away from me in the store. That’s what toddlers do.  I usually feel like a velociraptor when I shop with her – swoop in, grab, pay, swoop out. It’s the only way to do it with a small child in tow. It’s stressful and not enjoyable in the least.  And trying on clothing is really out of the question.

So shopping is often my guilty pleasure on these outings.

I love going to shoe stores and trying on shoes I really have no business wearing at the age of 41. Or going to Sephora and browsing the perfumes and lipsticks and specialty soaps.

I enjoy seeing fashion that is not off the mommy runway, and sometimes trying it on without worrying if magic marker or food will wash out of it. I love imagining where I could wear that perfect sleeveless dress paired with the amazing handbag. Strolling the Left Bank? Over cocktails at the Mandarin Oriental? Browsing the newest exhibition at the Tate?

My time alone yesterday went quickly, and it was nice to know that I didn’t have to rush home.

When I walked in the door, there was the Pooh, ready with a big hug and kiss. As I made a beeline for the bathroom, of course she came with me. She supervises my time in there, and considers herself the High Priestess of Flushing.

You didn’t think that I actually had time alone in the bathroom, did you?

2 responses to “Running away from home

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  2. wendymc12 says:

    The best parents are those who realize that to be their best, they must have some personal time. 🙂


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