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Pixie Dust for the Pooh

on March 30, 2015

“Do fairies really exist, Mommy?” asked the Pooh a couple of weeks ago.

“Some people think so, honey.”

She pressed me. “But do they exist? I want to know the truth.”

“Some people believe they exist. Other people do not. If you were to ask Daddy, he would say that they do not exist.”

“But what do you think, Mommy?”

I paused for a moment, weighing what to say as I folded a shirt. I decided to go for it.

“I think they exist. Look at it this way. You can be on the safe side and believe in them and respect them. Or you can choose to not believe in them, but they might play tricks on you because they will get mad that you don’t believe.”

She let that sink in.

“Has anyone ever seen them?” she asked.

“I have never seen them,” I admitted. “I have heard that little children have seen them, but I have never met those children.”

She said, “I think they are this big.” She held her index finger and thumb a few millimeters apart. I nodded.


“Where do they live?” she asked.

“They live in tiny places where humans can’t get to them. Why don’t we go outside and look for places they might live?”

Glad of an excuse to get out of the house, we put on our coats and boots to go outside and look for fairy abodes in the long shadows of the winter afternoon.

I pointed out a large knot hole in our neighbor’s tree and asked her what she thought of it as a potential fairy house.


The Pooh quickly deemed it unsatisfactory, because the squirrels and chipmunks ran in and out of it all the time, and it would be “too squirrel crazy and chipmunky.” I could not argue with that logic.

However, the knot hole in a small tree in front of our house met her requirements, as the hole was too small for squirrels, and high enough to escape the attentions of dogs and humans.


We continued our walk. A section of ground cover on someone’s sidewalk met the Pooh’s approval as possible fairy lodging.

She was not so convinced with my theory that a stone fence was an apartment building for fairies.


We walked and looked, considering, thinking, observing, imagining.

“Do you think they live in snowbanks during the winter?” I asked. I pointed to one of the many snowbanks around us.

“No, Mommy. That is way too cold for them. Brr!”

Shot down again. What do I know, really?

We walked to the edge of the woods that borders our neighborhood. She was convinced we would find fairy abodes galore in there. Unfortunately, the snow was deep and there was no safe way to go trudging through in search of fairies.

She looked wistfully at the woods from across the street. “Mommy, we haven’t seen any fairies yet! They have to be in there.”

I promised her that we would go back and look once the snow melted.

We moved along and found a good tree with strong, high branches that met her requirements. I started to feel more confident about possible fairy locations.

“What about this planter?” I said, pointing to one in front of a neighbor’s house.


She nodded her approval. “Yes, Mommy. This is good.” She peered inside, looking closely for signs of fairy activity. I kept my delight and amusement hidden. This was a most serious endeavor.

We continued our way home. I lifted her over the deep puddles of melting snow. We picked our way down the sidewalk, trying not to slip on slick ice patches.

Finally, we ended up back at our driveway as the sun started to set. We came in the back door, peeled off our coats and boots, and made popcorn to settle in for the rest of the evening.

Our conversations about fairies and quests to find their hiding spots will not end anytime soon, I hope.

How long will it last?

I have no idea, but I will continue to look for fairy homes with her for as long as she believes.


2 responses to “Pixie Dust for the Pooh

  1. jgroeber says:

    Such a lovely post. Yes, fairy houses. Our local farm share stand has a whole area of the woods where people build fairy houses, large and small, out of found natural detritus. Your Pooh would love it I bet. It inspired me to have kids build a whole village of fairy houses around the edges of our yards for a fairy birthday party a few years back.
    I’m with you. I hope these days never end.


  2. How stinkin cute! Fairies def exist in our household!!


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