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Blessed are the geeks

on July 21, 2015
Credit: Google images

Credit: Google images

Conversation with the Pooh in the car a few days ago, on our way to the grocery store:

Pooh: What grade will I be in when I’m 18, Mommy?

Me: You’ll be a senior in high school. That fall, you will be starting your first year of college.

Pooh: I want to go to Yale.

Me: Yale is a good place, but I would like you to be at a college that is right for you. That might be Yale, but it could be another school.

Pooh: I really like math, but I also want to learn how my Skechers light up.

Me: Then you might consider MIT. It’s a good place to learn about math and engineering. But that means you will have to be a nerd.

Pooh (scrunching up her little face): I don’t want to be a nerd.

Me: Really? That’s too bad. I’m a nerd.

Pooh: Then I’ll be a nerd too, Mommy. I want to be just like you.

Who knows where the Pooh will end up? Regardless of the school she chooses (and let’s be realistic, the one that chooses her), I hope she keeps the geek fires burning.

MIT ring, aka a brass rat (credit: Google images)

MIT ring, aka a brass rat (credit: Google images)

3 responses to “Blessed are the geeks

  1. Jorge Caraballo says:

    LOL! Love the Pooh! ❤


  2. Adorable! Love that she wants to be like mom! She sounds very smart. 🙂


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